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About us

Founded on passion and experience 

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For more than 6 years, we've made it our mission to give our everything every day to empower people in need with these life changing resources giving women hope, children health and families a bright future. 

Founded by a small group of friends Group of Good


Deeds is a non-profit organisation registered with the UK charity commission (1156193)

OUR Board team

A humble beginning 

We have initially started helping communities impacted by the water crisis in Asia and Africa by providing clean drinking water. We have also helped Orphans in Africa and the Middle East.  

In 2015 we came across one child in Algeria with a very rare metabolic disorder who required low protein food and non-protein mixtures on a daily basis to stay alive, we decided to help him. Today we are saving lives of over 300 children across the country

Our Board TEAM

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Mr Amine Ameyoud

With a Master degree

in International Trade Amine activities with G.G.D include forging relationship with funding bodies, inspiring individuals and organisations, education and civil society to work together for the common good.


Mr Faycal Benzerrouk

With Accountancy and Finance Management degree.

Faycal have a 17 years experience in retail industry as a general manager with various company,Actually in charge of G.G.D Education  and Event Fundraising .


Mr Rafik Karmedi 

With Civil Engineering degree and over 10 years management experience, where his work  include identifying practical solutions to problems involving financial risk, facilitating strategic decisions and implementing change.  He also has experience of managing businesses with income and expenditure

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